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A Monday Warrior

mean mean stride, today's Tom Sawyer, mean mean drive...

Julius Lowell Callahan
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Name: Julius Lowell Callahan

Nicknames: Jules, Cal, Legend, Woody

Character Race: Human

Character Powers: limited witchcraft (untapped), has the ability to control the elements, but at present can’t do much more than change the weather with his mood (i.e., it rains when he’s sad, fits of temper result in bad storms, when he wishes for a sunny day he gets it)

Character Abilities: has a vast knowledge of construction as well as a gift for art, sculpting specifically...also an adept card player, and can rarely be beat at Texas Hold 'Em or Blackjack, also a veteran of the infamous Three Card Monte

Character Weaknesses: all the weaknesses of a human, tends to lack confidence in his own abilities, smokes too much

Age: 33

Occupation: carpenter/hunter

Nature and Demeanor: though somewhat jaded and hardened by a rough upbringing, possesses a soul born to create. A fighter by nature, he sees the beauty in everything around him, including violence and evil. Has a quiet strength about him that often infects others, and a natural set of leadership qualities that remain underdeveloped...though he abhors taking responsibility in a situation, he often does so without thinking. Has a dry sense of humor and an unflagging sense of loyalty that matches that of his brother and sister, but unlike them he executes it with an understated dignity that few can match. He's the man you want on your team...and the worst possible enemy you'd ever want to make.

Appearance: (Harold Perrineau)...6'7", lean and well muscled build, shoulder length dreadlocks, dark eyes, various scars littering his body including a bullet scar on his right calf and one on his left shoulder, tattoo of dragon's wings on back, spanning each shoulderblade from edge to edge and extending from trapezius to middle of his back

Friends/Allies/Acquaintances: Family comes first...who needs friends?

Family: adopted mother Felicia Callahan (deceased), adopted sister Valkyrie Prescott Callahan, adopted brother Cain Abraham Callahan

Quote: "You want some real magic, man? Look around...it's fuckin' everywhere. You just gotta reach out and take it...ain't nothin' comes for free, not even beauty."

History: Julius was your average sob story growing up...born into a poor family with parents that had kids too young, a father tied up in gangs and a mother that drank too much to escape her violent husband. The streets were his home, and the local gang was his real family...the only place he truly felt welcome.

Then his parents got arrested...quite possibly the best thing that could have ever happened to Julius.

Sent into foster care, Julius was placed with the Callahans at the age of fourteen, but promptly turned again to the gangs and streets he called home. At the house, Felicia forced him to stay in line, much as she had with Cain, but out of the house Julius's foster brother became his shadow, resorting to any means to keep Julius out of trouble. Over time, Cain grudgingly earned Julius’s respect through his prowess as a fighter and his street credibility.

His first birthday with the Callahans would be a major turning point for him...after recieving his gift of a book on playing guitar, and later an acoustic guitar from Cain, Julius found not an interest in playing, but in figuring out how the guitar worked. The craftsmanship and manipulation of the wood fascinated him, an interest that would linger with him as the construction of things became a hobby, and a potential career as he grew older.

Just as he was about to go for his contractor's license, however, Felicia welcomed another sibling into their home...Valkyrie Prescott, a troubled young girl from an abusive home. Having long since been adopted by Felicia and welcomed openly by his brother, he set his studies aside in favor of pursing the potential of opening a small business in Detroit. Blessed with a natural gift for art along with his interest in construction, he took up work as a carpenter, making a name for himself in the local neighborhood for his work on home accents. In the meantime, he helped at home with the renegade Valkyrie, helping her adjust to life in the Callahan household.

After Valkyrie had found her own place within the family, Julius moved out, opening his own small shop where he sold some woodcarving pieces and continued to work on home furniture, structural ornaments, and other small construction jobs, where he flourished for several years before getting a call from his little sister one fateful night about the death of their mother.

Together with his brother, Julius came home, where his sister was still living, and helped her bury their mother after the fire that had claimed her life. Six months after the blaze, the siblings began to speculate on the nature of her death after the unusual story Valkyrie finally shared with them. As the truth of what lay in the dark finally entered their world, the siblings vanished from public view as they set out on a quest to track down and kill what they now realized was the monster that had killed the only woman to ever care about any of them.

* * * *

DISCLAIMER: DISCLAIMER: THIS IS A FICTION/RP JOURNAL. While the SUPERNATURAL universe and all its recognizeable characters, locations, and entities belong to Eric Kripke and the CW network unless otherwise noted, the character of Julius Callahan who makes his home therein belongs exclusively to me. I make no profit from the utilization of SUPERNATURAL. I also sadly do not own Harold Perrineau, the handsome devil whose face I utilize as a visual depiction of Julius. I do, however, retain all copyrights pertaining to Julius and the fictional works he is featured in. No part of the original writing in this journal may be used by anyone for ANY reason without my permission.

In short? I don't own any of Kripke's toys, I just play in his sandbox...but steal my Jules? And prepare to die, Earth Scum. :P